2019-2020 Polaris 850 AXYS Chassis / 850 Khaos Quiet Can

Quiet Can


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  • 2019-2020 850 AXYS Chassis / 850 Khaos Quiet Can


    • 2019-2020 AXYS Chassis Rush / Switchback / Pro-S / XCR / Assault
    • 2019-2020 AXYS Chassis Indy XC
    • 2019-2020 AXYS Chassis PRO-RMK / SKS
    • 2020 850 Khaos


    Stock Muffler: 16.65 
    GGB Quiet: 10.5
    Weight Savings: 6.15 lbs

    The GGB Quiet can is designed for riders wanting to enhance the stock sound and save weight at the same time. At idle the Quiet Can delivers a deeper slightly louder exhaust note, transitioning to close to stock sound levels through the mid range and top end to keep the peace. Dyno tested to provide as good as or better than stock performance.

    GGB Advantage

    • Dyno Tested
    • 2000° Ceramic Paint
    • Performance Guarantee
    • Over 300 5 Star Customer Reviews
    • Industry Leading Customer Service
    • Huge Weight Savings
    • Direct Fit No Modifications
    • No Fuel Or Clutch Mods Required
    • Best in Class Two Year Warranty

    Performance Guarantee
    GGB two stroke mufflers are dyno tested and flow benched developed for back pressure against the stock muffler and will perform efficiently in any application where the stock muffler would be used or your money back.

Category: 2019, 2020

Type: Polaris

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